Our official site (it is the only one, there are no others!) in Brazil:

MMM Community Brazil does not stop growing!

Ismael, is a guider of MMM Brazil and MMM LA Global for several months has been doing a good job of promoting the community, had good results from that.

In the beginning of February he travelled to Belo Horizonte, he was helping his referral and was organizing individual presentations to his prospect participants.  Many of them became Ismael referrals.

Returning to his city (Serra-ES), other people registered in his structure, and also he promoted  another meeting where he spoke of his experience with other prospects: "With my previous experience, commitment and confidence in the system, I was able to encourage them to make new donations ", he said.

On these meetings, Ismael really motivates many people and everyone wins with it. He is very happy and motivated with everything, so he fully dedicates his time to the MMM Brazil Community.

"I am very pleased with my results that I have been working on to attend my referrals and to help them to get their new referrals by going to their cities and giving them training in individual and collective meetings. Long Life to our MMM Community", concluded Ismael.


Meeting of leaders in São Paulo.

During this event, there was a lot of  conversation and exchange of ideas, 35 guiders and great leaders met in São Paulo for the development of the MMM Brazil Community. There were leaders such as Camilo Silva, Leandro Almeida, Pollyana Nunes, Celso Roque, Carlos Carrion among the others.

During the event were covered a lot of topics about Global Mutual Assistance Fund:

  1. Back to work with the structure developments;
  2. New strategies for attracting new participants;
  3. The greater involvement of the guiders in the elaboration of events.

There was also a lecture aimed at opening new spots in order to develop MMM Brazil.

The reality is that from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m., participants and even senior and experienced guiders were fascinated by everything that happened that day. "We are grateful for the support from MMM Brazil,once again" said Celso Roque, the Community's 8K+ leader.


Event "Key to Financial Freedom" conquers Rio de Janeiro residents

A lecture took place in the city of Rio de Janeiro and left many people very happy. The guider Cátia confirms that. It brought together about 15 people and she presented to them the ideology of the MMM Brazil Community and the functioning of the system. And of course, it could not be different, and the guests were delighted with what they saw and heard.

In addition, Catia informed the objectives of the MMM, spoke about Sergey Mavrodi, founder of the Community, and the functioning of the banks. In the end, she served a wonderful coffee break, to those who attended.

"I am very happy, because after this meeting 4 people registered and already provided help. They are simple people who, after the meeting, were very happy to get to know the MMM. I believe in the ideology of the Community, so I am trying hard and presenting it to the maximum of people I know. The community helped me pay a lot of my debts", she said, very happy.

In the end, Catia invited everyone to be active participants in the MMM and immensely thanked Mr. Sergey Mavrodi.


Mavrodi Training Center promotes event and excites participants.

On November 23, 2017 the city of São José dos Campos had the honor of hosting another event of the MMM Brazil Community sponsored by the Mavrodi Training Center and organized by Jorge Caetano and Sérgio Brasil.

During the event, dozens of people discovered about the greatest opportunity on the planet how to help other people and make money online. And everyone was very pleased because they find about:

  1. recommendations about cryptocurrencies;
  2. how to help and be very well helped in the MMM;
  3. how to participate safely in the community.

"We more and more determined and focused on helping and developing the MMM Brazil. Viva Sergey Mavrodi, Long Life to the MMM, together we are stronger and we will change the world," said organizers .

After the event, as always, there was that delicious coffee break that only the Community MMM Brazil prepares for its participants.

The event was sensational and those who were present would confirm it. You also can see a little bit of what happened from the photos below:

In addition to this special moment, the MTC also holds weekly events that provide the growth of the MMM through the presentation of a unique mutual help system that improves the quality of life of the brazilians.

The MMM Brazil Community grows continually, because this opportunity has helped millions of people in the world and, of course, in Brazil.

MMM Brazil event in the city of Caruaru

Hundreds of people participated In another great event held by MMM in Brazil on November 4, 2017. This was a great moment and indescribable day provided by the Community in the city of Caruaru / PE.

The great engagement of the people in the event and the willingness to join the MMM demonstrated the curiosity and interest of many in participating. The Community was presented at SENAC and sponsored and supported by companies such as Ovo Novo, Kasa Nova Construction, Hard Sertao, Laser Space, Center Bowling, Coca-Cola Shop, Sivon & Trindade Hall, CEACA, Daniel Fruit Salad, Serrano Coffee, Caruaru Pulp, Bilisco Products, Sherwin Williams Brazil Paints and Rocket Cooler. No comments, right? Very cool.

And it was not just that. Many leaders and participants from other states made their way to participate in this event promoted by the MMM Brazil Community.

It was promoted through TV Jornal, a communication vehicle that covers the entire state of Pernambuco, on two weekends through Moreira Neto's "Business" program. By clicking below, you can see the videos that have announced on TV this great day for the city of Caruaru:

The colleges Maurício de Nassau and ASCES also helped to promote the event.

And we can imagine, we would want to know more details about this event. That's why we present you with it´s programming and a short video where you'll see how everything was.

1) Opening by Moreira Neto
2) Lecture with José Bento - "Change your frying pan - changing your MindSet"
3) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Digital Coins and Bitcoin"
4) Lecture with José Bento - "Introduction to MMM Brazil"
5) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Recognizing the levels of the Community participants"
6) Lecture with Adeildo Brito - "Introducing MMM Brazil"

And there was that delicious coffee break that only MMM Brazil prepares for you. You are curious? Look at the video down there.

Salto / SP: MMM Brazil is presented in the city and satisfies all.

Another great moment of development - Community MMM Brazil traveled to Salto city/ SP where was held another event.

The guiders Celso Roque, Camilo da Silva, Claudiomiro Machado, Marcos and Patricia organized offline event that was more than special and counted with around 70 participants. During the event, it was discussed several subjects, but we would like to highlight some of them:

  • Bitcoin Cryptocurrency
  • Other crypto currencies such as Litcoin, Ethereum and BCH
  • How the current financial system is developed
  • How unfairly our money is distributed
  • How MMM Brazil can change people's lives
  • How the Community helps others
  • How the MMM changed the lives of several guiders
  • The risks of participating
  • The legality of the Community

It was a lot of information, wasn’t it? And in the end, as always, we had delicious coffee break and also there was a draw of gifts like t-shirts and pens.

All those who participated and organized the event, thanked the opportunity to participate in a fair, honest financial system that is changing thousands of lives around the world: MMM Brazil. No doubt, they will always be willing to help the neediest. And they thanked Sergey Mavrodi for his initiative in creating this wonderful community.

Do not forget to take a look at the video of the event.

MavroTraining Center (MTC) launched in São José dos Campos city / SP

The MMM Brazil Community, following its ideology, where people mutually are helping each other, inaugurated a large training center called the Mavro Training Center in the city of São José dos Campos, on the 1st of November. In it people will learn:

  1. How to open your Bitcoin wallet;
  2. How to sign in?
  3. How to increase a self-esteem;
  4. And much more.

And why this? The Training Center was launched so that the participants of the MMM Brazil Community can be well informed, so that they can develop themselves and the largest collective assistance community in the world, too.

Trainings take place twice a week (every Tuesday and Thursday). However guests and visitors can schedule it anyway from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 4 PM.

The MMM Brazil Community does not stop growing. They are events various events occur everywhere in the country. You want to take a look at how the MTC was inaugurated, right? So just click on the link below and you will see everything and a little more.

MMM Brazil: Together We are Stronger!

Title: MMM Brazil promotes charity in Rio de Janeiro

I am Mirian Ferreira, from Vitoria-ES, and I am an active participant of MMM Brazil, which helps, when it can, some institutions in Rio de Janeiro. And look, on October 14, 2017 it was no different. Community helped an entity that assists children (It is called Happy Duckling or Patinho Feliz em portuguese).

We are very grateful to MMM because it has provided, even in the midst of the financial crisis, the opportunity to help the other people. I confess that without it, we could not do something better.

And the children of the Happy Duckling entity thanked the community for supporting the Children's Day event.

MMM has no boundaries and performs good deeds.

Title: MMM Brasil btings joy the children of Pederneiras city / SP.

On 10/12/2017 was held an event in the city of Pederneiras / SP, with the presence of 7 people, participants of the MMM Brazil community. The event was a success and made happy everyone around.

It was the first event that I conducted, and the only thing I can say is that it was an incredible experience that brought much joy and fun to the children who live there.

During the event were distributed:

  1. 200 toys
  2. 500 Hot Dogs
  3. 300 popcorn packs
  4. 150 popsicles
  5. 60 liters of soft drinks

The MMM Brazil Community makes dreams come true, changes lives and makes our history, and this was just one more happy moment, in which the Community was present.

I am thankful to everyone who helped make this day more special, than it already is.

Felipe Matheus , guider 100+
email: [email protected]

MMM Brazil Event - Passo Fundo city -RS

On September 22, 2017, at 8:00 pm, the first MMM Brazil Community event took place in the city of Passo Fundo/RS, at the Maitá Palace Hotel. The event was coordinated by the guider Mauro Bonatto.

The event was attended by 40 people who had the opportunity, for an hour and a half, to get to know the Community goal, its rules and a bit of the history of its founder, Mr. Sergey Mavrodi.

And not only this: there was a time, after the presentation, when we answered all the participants questions and guided them thru most important information. We held the raffles of gifts, t-shirts, mugs with logos of MMM and also an account with 0.01 BTC donated, sponsored by the guider Mauro Bonatto. Who won all this? Take a look at the names below:

T-Shirt: Wagner Birth
Mugs: Mr. Adenilson
Account with 0.01 BTC contribution: Hezekiah of Prado

After the presentation, we treated guests with snacks and soft drinks.

Long Life to the MMM Community Braz

My name is Ismael. I am a 1K + guider in the MMM Brazil Community and I am very pleased with the support it has given me in helping people.

I have been doing this work since 04/01/2017, going from house to house, in order to represent the MMM Brazil Community in some cities.

In the period from September 1, 2017 to September 30, 2017 I attended several of my referrals and referrals from my referrals in the Big Vitória (Metropolitan Region). Doing so I helped MMM Brazil to grow, since many of those who I have attended, today are already guiders too.

And there's more: on September 25, 17 I attended a referral that works in a prison in the city of Mantena-MG. This guider have already registered 5 his friends. In order not to lose time, I used this trip as opportunity and registered 2 employees of the hotel where I stayed (one of them made two new registrations).

Returning home, I passed by in a rural community and signed in two new members for one of my referrals, who already provided help – BRL 3,000.

I recently taped a video of my achievements in the MMM Brazil Community and I really want to continue to help people of our country to achieve their dreams, not only dreams such as buying material goods, but also the dream of recovering their health, receive a formal education the better quality, good food, and so on ...

Long Life to the MMM Community Brazil!

MMM Brazil Community Event Report
Food Distribution

June 20, 2017, Governador Valadares.
Guider Filipe

It was an event that enhances humanity in us, considering that when we help our neighbor, we are overwhelmed by an inexplicable feeling that drives us to be more and more worried and willing to help the people in need.

The event did not occur to distribute simple basic baskets, but a food basket that was able to supply the needs of a poor person for a month, showing that the community that does not do charity only for the promote itself, but so that people's lives can be changed for the better.

50% of the baskets were distributed house to house and 50% went to a charity institution that serves people who are recovering from the drugs addiction and people in need.

The biggest event attended by nearly 750 people

On 09/15/17 the MMM Brazil Community hold its biggest event attended by nearly 750 people. And look how cool, during the event about 500 people registered to the community, that is it, the MMM had in one day, one city, one place more than 500 new participants!

What about the donations??? We received over BRL 80,000 of new contributions to the system. And this is only the beginning, because this community does not stop growing!

Do you want to know more about the event? Take a look below:

  • Opening with Célio Ramos
  • Testimonies of the leaders Camilo Santana, Magno and Eliseu
  • Lectures about Bitcoin with Adeildo Brito
  • Lecture about the MMM Brazil with Celso Roque
  • Closure with Bitcoin raffles and community shirts were given away as presents

Everyone who participated and organized this great event were very happy and willing to make a difference, so that we can help more people and have a fairer financial system.

Do you want to watch the video of these great moments? Then click to the link below. TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!


Offline Community event with guider Benedito.

On 04/09 we organized our first offline meeting in the city of São Sebastião/SP where the participant and guider Luciano briefly presented the Community MMM Brazil and its ideology. Then I conducted a presentation about Bitcoin, giving special attention to the Blockchain technology.

It was a meeting, that I consider was successful, after all, all those who participated were well informed and at the end of the meeting three people finalized their registrations at the MMM.

Best of all, this is just the beginning. We are very optimistic and certain that the Mavrodi’s project will also change many lives here, on the coast of San Paulo state.

MMM is the best opportunity that has ever arisen on Earth

We had a very interesting event attended by by 50 people. All guests were well informed, as we talked a lot about Bitcoin and Community MMM Brazil (Worth remembering that, today, our team has reach 200 participants goal).

On the same day, we have signed in several new members and look how cool: they have already donated different amounts between R$ 200.00 and R$ 10,000.00.

Well, the kick-off was given and today, in our region, we already have several participants that are very happy with the MMM. The Community is the best opportunity that has ever arisen on Earth for everyone in my city. We have never had as much acceptance in a business as we are having with MMM.

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to everyone who worked hard to make this event happen. Soon, more events will take place here in Parauapebas-PA.


Here is a little bit of what happened!

At the meeting that took place on 02/09/2017, I prepared to receive many people and it just went well. Here is a little bit of what happened!

During the meeting, I informed MMM Brazil history, explained how does our platform operates, and community rules.

I offered training – how to sign in and elaborated a small brochure about system functioning.

In my presentation, I also highlighted the importance of sustainability and how

New members are essential for the survival of the payment cycle.

I believe that at the end of the meeting I fulfilled my goals and, I will certainly bring more people into the community.


Offline event of the Community MMM Brazil in Anápolis city, state GO

I held the offline event of the Community MMM Brazil in Anápolis city, state GO. Many people participated and registered after the event. The guests were served with snacks and delicious soups.

In the middle of the presentation, I have created RH request, and it only took 3 minutes so the system indicate a person, who will provide help for me. The event visitors were amazed. And I'm very happy with MMM Brazil because, in just 2 months, I already have great results.

I want to thank Elisandra, who coordinates the MMM Brazil, and I will continue this amazing community where people are succeeding, just like me.

And, of course, I am already planning to organize my next events, here in my town, so that the MMM continue to grow.


Going home to home, representing the Community MMM Brazil

My name is Ismael. I am a Guider 100+ in the MMM Brazil Community and I am very pleased with the support it has been given to me so that I can help people too.

I have been doing this work since 01/04/2017, going home to home, representing the Community MMM Brazil in some cities.

Since August 11th to August 18th, 2017 I had a lot of things done. My referral, that lives 400 km away, requested help to conduct a presentation for his 5 friends, who work with him at a dealership located in the city of Nanuque-MG. He wanted this presentation to take place on August 14th, so I travelled there, helped him and returned the next day, because I had a meeting that has been already scheduled with some referrals from my region.

My referrals, who invite many people to the system, gave me an idea. We could arrange a room in a church and conducted the presentation on August 16th. We introduced the Community MMM Brazil to the new members and reinforced its ideology for those, who already participate.

The presentation was a total success, the referrals left the event with tons of knowledge and their guests were amazed by the testimonies of people, who already participate in the Community.

Today, August 18th, 3 referrals were on the street representing the system and making registrations.

I'm very pleased to be able to help people to achieve their dreams and mine too!

Long Life to the MMM Community Brazil!


MMM Brazil community presentation

We had a meeting, where four new guiders had the opportunity to actively participate in the MMM Brazil community presentation and to get to know it better, too. Guiders participated: Túlio Matheus, Emanuel Dantas, Fernando Douglas and Francisco David.

Event had counted with 25 people (only 05 of them were not registered) and a total their donations - 1 BTC.


R. Ten. Brandão, 439 - Lagoa Seca, Natal - RN, 59031-030


MMM BRAZIL Meeting Space Inauguration of the Fortaleza-CE

On June 3, 2017 we met in order to celebrate the inauguration of the meeting space that MMM BRAZIL has provided for us here, in the Fortaleza city.

The community is growing in the city, so we have brought together guiders and interested people to introduce this wonderful system to new members.

Results achieved — 6 new registrations and 4 donations.

In the end we had pizza served and heard guider’s testimonials.


June 16, 2017, Governador Valadares, orientador Filipe.

With great pleasure we presented the MMM Brazil Community in the first two editions of the MMM Brazil News. It is worth mentioning that this great production was composed of two editions and in the first the MMM Brazil community was presented to the public. Report was made about its creation, origin and functioning. In this edition, members also have told their testimonies. There was a part of the edition that was specially made to show the charity events organized by participants and also were included participant's testimonies who already received help.

While in the second edition we included a report about the virtual currency Bitcoin, the organization of the MMM Brazil Community, instruction how to register in the community and new promotion, that was organized by the community leaders in Brazil.

Both editions have a good number of views on Youtube, have helped to register new members, so that new are contributing to community growth and popularity here and in Latin America. When community grows, everybody benefits from it!!

Offline event in the Cajamar city, São Paulo, on 05/29/2017.

We have conducted a meeting and presented to the participants the ideology of the MMM Brazil system and the cryptocurrency Bitcoin. Invited guests liked it very much, they felt very comfortable with the community and had their questions answered.

We all know that the ideology of the MMM Brazil system founded by Sergey Mavrodi, impresses and makes people very happy.

In the end, guests were served with snacks and soft drinks!!

Efforts in MMM Brazil community

Hello, this is a small report of my and my friend Elizeu Matos efforts, in the MMM Brazil community. We would like to thank you for putting trust in and helping us to develop the community. We intend to grow stronger and help all Brazil to get to know about this opportunity.

Webert, a friend of the church, saw my Facebook posts about the MMM and asked to meet wit me. After a meeting, she signed in and her mother too.

Ana and Emanoel, a couple of entrepreneurs, are the parents of a friend of ours. Emanoel has already made his donation. Ana did not trust the system first, but she surfed on YouTube, watched many testimonies and her husband's money has triplicated. So she got really excited and started promoting the MMM with her entire network of contacts. Ana has already made her donation.

We also presented the MMM, to Ricardo, an entrepreneur and businessman. He has many contacts and has already become a guider. One of his invited member made a donation of R$ 4500.

We put the MMM Brazil logo on our car with and noticed that it has caused great impact.

We invited several people in a restaurant and presented the MMM project to a marketer and my former co-worker. The marketer signed up too.

I want to develop strong teams and leaders in every state in Brazil. I am very determined and have developed the strategies, so I count on the support of the MMM administration.

Apresentação MMM Brasil HERMES 04 2017

On 04/21/2017 the MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA. A lecture was given in a hall located inside a hotel, in air-conditioned environment with integrated sound system. Hotel is very well located in the city. It was a great pleasure to conduct my 3rd presentation; I had a little problem with equipment (overhead projector). In the beginning, it turned on, but it was not producing the images, but everything ended up well, so we continued the presentation of MMM BRAZIL. I introduced the system, where I explained what the MMM is, the creation of the community and how it is functioning, and how MMM has demonstrated the happiness and commitment to help all its members. It was added that profits from operations of Proving Help and other bonuses are converted in Mavros. Mavros are called that way in order to honor of the creator, Sergey Mavrody. I informed the guests about virtual wallets that can be created to transfer their money, Provide and Receive help. I have answered all questions about virtual currency Bitcoin, because many of guests have never heard of it and of it´s unit value. They discovered that the digital currency is having a great valorization now. In addition, I explained all the ways to convert the values ​​to real currency and how it works, how to receive Bitcoins through banks. I was very happy because, I was able to sign in 11 people. During the lecture, it was also informed about the School of Guiders, where I informed all the steps how to become a guider. I mentioned the importance of community growth.

There were draws of 3 cash prizes, (2 of R $ 50,00 and 1 of R $ 200,00) among the participants of the event, who have interacted during the lecture. These a money values were converted into Providing Help Requests at Community MMM Brazil.

After the event, we served coffee break.


MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Sambaíba-MA

It was with great pleasure that I, Aliny, on 05/21/2017, have conducted my first MMM Brazil Community presentation for the population of Sambaíba-MA in an open location, which is well located in the city. The main topics of the presentation were:

1) What is MMM;

2) How to sign in;

3) Tasks to be performed and profits of GH operations.

I have signed up 21 participants, also helped them to create wallets in Mercado Bitcoin and answered their questions. I explained how to convert the money to Real currency and how it works to receive through the banks. We took several photos in order to advertise our community. During the presentation, I have informed the participants about the Guider’s School, and mentioned all the steps to become a Guider.

There were draws of 3 money prizes, (2 of R $ 50,00 and 1 of R $ 100,00) among the participants, who have interacted during the event. These money prizes were converted into GH at MMM Brazil.
After the event a delicious coffee break was served.


Helping people is is wonderful. All of it possible thanks to MMM! Long life to MMM!

The event took place in the city Taubaté, São Paulo, on 15/05/2017. Ederson and his children were very happy to be helped, and very grateful to MMM Brazil for helping them. He was very happy and at the same time very motivated to learn about MMM ideology and Sergey Mavrody. He lives in a community of ordinary people, where he helps with donations of clothing and school supplies for children who are struggling to study in public schools. The notebook will help his children with homework and day-to-day errands, donated sneakers will be very important for his children to go to school. In Taubaté, we also met people who got interested, when they saw us wearing MMM Brazil and Bitcoin t-shirts. In addition, we got few contacts in order to help them to learn more about our ideology to make a world a better place, where together we are stronger and we can do something to the people around us, to provide help and be helped! It is wonderful that we can help people thanks to MMM! Ederson has a potential to be MMM lider in Taubaté, since he already has already learned a lot. And his eldest son, Eduardo, have already signed up and soon will develop their structure. We are very thankful, me, Camilo da Silva and José Leandro that we can help people together with MMM Brazil, and we will continue to do our best to develop MMM Brazil! We purchased teh notebook and tennis at the shopping, then we had lunch all together and provided Ederson with information about MMM Brazil, its ideology and its lider, Sergey Mavrody. We left a banner for him, so that he can start developing MMM together with Eduardo, his eldest son! We have got some contacts of people from shops and restaurants! TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER AND WE WILL CHANGE THE WORLD!


MMM Brazil Community Event Report. System Presentation.

On 04/22/2017, a presentation was held in the city of Balsas-MA. The event took place in an hall, which is located right in the center of the city. The lounge is equipped with a projector, a microphone, sound system, air conditioning and seats for 60 people.

During the presentation, I explained information about MMM Brazil, where the participants have learned about the Community's goals and how the system works and its advantages. There was a lottery for the public; a prize of 200 reals was divided for 4 people. The money was used to make the first contributions right during the event. The people, who won, had their contribution done right after event, in order to motivate other spontaneous contributions.

In the end, we served a delicious coffee break for all participants. After that, we took various photos with the participants.

20 people attended this event. 15 participants were already registered, and 5 people requested sign in the system. 4 people have already provided help, other ones will provide help it as soon as possible. All participants were very excited about the system.

MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA

On 03/02/2017 the MMM Brazil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA, the presentation was conducted in a hall located inside a hotel, which is well located, here, in the city. The environment was air conditioned, with integrated sound system. It was a great pleasure to perform my 2 lectures, where I presented MMM BRAZIL within the world system, where participants were told about: what is MMM, how to register, about donations and its benefits. As a results, I signed in 19 direct participants, helped to create Bitcoin wallets and answered questions from everyone after the event. Besides, I informed participants about how to convert Mavros into real currency, how it works and how to receive it in your bank account. We made a video - making off, for better dissemination of the community and creative photos (I´m MMMBrazil on the Facebook, I'm going to enter MMMBrazil, Come to MMMBrazil). Also I informed about the guests of the event about guiders selections, and went through all the steps how to become a guider.

There was a draw of 3 money values, (2 of 50 reals) and 1-200 reals) among the participants presented at the event, for those who interacted during the lecture. This money was converted into donations at MMM Brazil.

After presentation, the coffee break was served. # TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER.

REPORT Presentation OFF LINE

On 02/05/2017 the Offline Presentation was held in the city of Balsas-MA. The event conducted in a auditorium hall, which is well located in the center of the city. The hall is equipped with a projector, a microphone, sound system, air conditioning and seats for 60 people.

Leaflets were distributed in the center streets and 2 neighborhoods nearby. Besides that, information about event was sent in local Whatsapp groups.

At the presentation, I gave information about MMM Brazil, where participants learned about the community's goals and how the system works and its advantages. In the end, folders were distributed among participants.

There was a lottery for public, with prize 50 reals. This money was used to make the first donation during the event, the person who won, has already registered and his GH made, in order to motivate other spontaneous donations of the event .

In the end, it was served a delicious coffee break for all participants. And after that, several photos were taken with the participants.

In this event 26 people were present, of these 17 people were already registered there were 5 requests for registrations, 2 people already made the donation, the others will have it done as soon as possible. People were pretty excited about the system.


REPORT from Christmas presentation offline

On 12/18/2016, the offline Christmas presentation was held in the city of Balsas-MA. The event was held in open and airy environment.

During the event MMM Brazil System was presented, giving information about community's goals and instructing participants how the system works and its advantages. Soon after, there was the distribution of toys for the needy children of that region.

In the end it was served a coffee break, offered especially for children. Along food served were snacks such as cakes, popcorn and soda. I have prepared the snack by myself with the intention to reduce community costs. At the end, several photos were taken with the participants.

15 adults and more than 30 children participated in this event. I have received 4 applications for registration and 1 is planning to donate 150 BRL. People were quite excited about the event.



Lecture presented to the population of Balsas-MA

On 12/10/2016 the MMM Brasil system was presented to the population of Balsas-MA, the lecture was given in a hall located inside a hotel, which is well located here, in the city. The environment was air-conditioned, with sound system and integrated sound system.

There was a draw of 4 values of $ 100.00 among the participants present at the event. These values were converted into donations in MMM Brazil.

After the event coffee break was served and after several photos of the event were taken.



Offline event MMM Brasil

On 12/08/16 I organized offline event where the community was presented to invited guests at the reception. We also celebrated birthday of a person who had arrived that day from a long trip. In the event participated 34 adults. I could not organize the dance contest because the day after I presented the opportunity to work with system, only 5 couples were willing to participate and as I had planned to do with 9 couples, I thought it might be not a good idea. I realized that I was wrong and should have organized it with 5 couples anyway. I have registered 2 people. One of those is guy, responsible for the lighting and the other one is his sister. They were really excited to participate. I bought food for 70 people, but unhappily I could each good results for the community, that I wanted. I will never request budget for events that divides people's attention again. I apologize for my failure and lack offline results.

34 participants

2 registrations



Report from presentation offline — Edgar

On 12/04/2016, the offline presentation was held in the city of Sambaiba-MA. The event was held in an open and airy environment.

Prior the event leaflets distribution has been done on the streets of the city.

During the event, the presentation of the MMM Brazil System was conducted, giving information about the community's goals and presenting to the participants how the system works and its advantages, along with folder distribution. Soon after there was a bingo with the following awards:

1st gift — 1 account registration with value for donations BRL 200

2nd gift — 2 account registration with value for donations BRL 100 each

3rd gift — 2 account registration with value for donations BRL 50 each

The prize money above was used to donate in MMM Brazil System, the winners have already registered with the donation done. The goal is to motivate other spontaneous donations during the event.

In the end delicious coffee break was served for all participants. At the end, several photos were taken with the participants.

In this event 38 participants were present, including 25 requests for registrations, 10 donations, 9 participants were already registered, 4 did not accept to register in the community. People were quite excited about the system.



Report of the MMM Football Event in Governador Valadares, December 2016

Summary: The event was titled " Football with MMM ".

It worked as follows: Initially there was an advertisement among people of community and those who enjoy playing football. After, the team went looking for people interested in participating in the MMM system, since there were already some who were just waiting for the day of the next event to decide to make their registration. The audience included 14 players, 20 spectators and 5 community members.

Before the game, while the players were still arriving, we thanked everybody and briefly explained the goal of the event and the community. Everyone had lunch, as a main course - barbeque, the venue of the event was a club, of which I am member, and there is a soccer field, a swimming pool with water slide, sauna, playground and small cafes. All participants were delighted with the community and those who are not registered expressed their intention to be part of the community.

The budget for this event was very small, I could not make a quality event, but I was able to use my influence and I got some things for free like the club that would charge us at least 10 BRL per person just for the entrance and another sum would be charged for the rent of the field.


Beauty Day 03.12

My event was conducted on 12/03/16 at the beauty salon with 8 participants. As a result of this event, I have registered 5 direct refferals and 3 indirect ones to my network. And one lady is waiting to receive her salary in order to register and donate.



Romantic dinner

I am really happy to send my report, and at the same time I apologize for the delay, as I said earlier I do not have skills to create videos, but I did my best.

The event was a total success. It was the first of many to come.

I believe my goal was achieved, thank God. 25 people participated, 8 registrations were made, including 4 donations, 5 people were already registered, and the rest of participants have showed great interest in registering in the future.

We had conducted a draw of a MMM account worth 200.00 BRL and the winner was Mr. RAMON BATALHA (he is the leader of the team of demoted cars) He said that if everything I had said is true, he will bring the whole team to the community. The donation has already been provided, now it is time to wait for people provide help, in order to he feels the reality of the MMM, and thereby involve his whole time in the community.

One of the guests had a birthday. It was very exciting and waiters helped to make a surprise and he was very happy.

Well, I received compliments about my presentation, so I'm happy and motivated to perform other events soon. I'm going to be prepared better and next time provide a camera with better quality, this event was recorded by the cell phone, though.




Report of the event in Governador Valadares, that took place on November 05, 2016

Summary: The event was titled  “Concurso de Tortas”.

It worked as follows: Initially there was an advertisement made among people in the community and people who would like to cook sweets and tasty pies for the event, that contestants will be awarded if their pies were chosen as the most voted by the tasters.

In the second step, the team went looking for people who are interested in tasting the pies and vote for the most delicious ones, and people who are interested in get to know MMM system, since there were already some people who were just waiting for the day of the next event to decide and register. The public who attended events were the students of a Vocational School and a group of teachers of the State Education Network. Using the Pies Degustation Contest as a strategy, we have conquered several people for the community. To reach this audience, two lectures were required.

The lectures were attended by approximately 40 people. However, at the second lecture site there were many people, there were approximately 60 teachers, but a part of them had to leave to attend parents of students and students themselves, due to the fact that there was a pedagogic on-site. Because of this, they didn't sign presence list. Because of this event all the people in the list below wanted to register, you can do the follow-up in the next few days, please, I will register personally next Wednesday, which is the only day of the week that I have afternoon off work.

NOTE: Due to the lack of time, I have not yet been able to enter the list of participants in a list, I am organizing events, after it when everything will be calmer and I will complete the rest of this procedure.

All the people on this list will be registered, at their request, will enter under Professor Waderson who is already registered as my referral and a teacher named Jaime Cássio who wants to register, learn the system and follow his students who register, then to do this I scheduled a meeting with two of them, so that I can accompany them all and indicate them right way to work.

There will be 35 registrations this week.


REPORT from Presentation OFFLINE - EDGAR

Follow the link of my presentation


On October 23, 2016, the OffLine presentation was held in the city of Sambaiba-MA. The event was organized in a closed outdoor environment with auto-sound due to the city is accustomed to this type of event. Leaflets were previously distributed on the streets using the same car that provided the sound for the event. The sound on the car was turned on before the beginning of the event in order to attract more people. In the event, the presentation of the System MMM Brazil was organized, providing information about the community's goals and instructing the participants how the system works and its advantages, along with folders distribution. Soon after Bingo game was organized and 2 gifts were distributed

1° Gift - 1 Basket with Kitchen appliances (1 blender, 1 bread knife, 1 mug of MMM, 1 basket decorated with symbols of MMM).

2° Gift - 1 Chocolate basket (Included different chocolates, 1 basket with MMM Symbols)

There was conducted a draw for the public, winner received value of 50 BRL, this money was used to make his first donation that has been done directly on the event, right after this person registration, in order to motivate the other spontaneous donations on the event. After, there was the distribution of Promotional Kits of gifts for those who were present at the event containing:

The promotional gifts of MMM Brazil (pen, ruler, calendar, sticker).

Extra Gifts: cups with stickers.

In the end it was served a delicious coffee break for all participants. And then, several photos were taken with the participants.

In this event 61 people were present, of these 26 were participating for the second time of the event. People were very enthusiastic about the system. As a result we had 30 requests for registrations, 9 people already made the donations, other will have their registrations done during the week.




Good afternoon!

I am Rodrigo Macedo, leader, participant and guider in MMM Brazil and live in the state of Rio de Janeiro.

As we agreed, I have travelled with the other leaders from my team to Santo André, São Paulo.

We had a problem with plane tickets, so we made some changes in order to be able to participate in the event, arrive on time and follow our budget. Thank God, I was able to achieve my goals and fulfill our agreement. I found the hotel that is cheaper than Ibis and opted for it. Since there is no bus from my town to the event, we have chosen the bus to a nearby city and then traveled via car (transfer). If we had chosen a different path, we would not have come in time, or would not have been able to participate at all. I had to make decisions at the last minute to carry out the agreement and follow agreed budget. There were some moments when I thought it would not work. When we arrived, and I saw that all the other invitees have also arrived, I calmed down. I tried to save as much as possible, even taking into account the unforeseen circumstances.

As for the event that was carried out by our friend Nestor, I was very impressed with the presentation: the way he has held it, and also I was surprised by his deep knowledge.

Also I liked the way he behaved; he was quite confident and relaxed. Nestor presented everything in detail and was very confident on stage. He also answered all my questions and doubts, and other participants too. Considering all of this, I felt very motivated, and would like to improve my performance and devote myself to the project even more. In addition, he made me think about and revise the presentation of our system.

All my invited participants liked Nestor´s presentation and interested in participating, I will register them in the system. I was glad to meet with my colleagues in person. It was huge and productive event. A presentation was held at the luxury hotel with coffee break included. The presentation began at 7 pm and we left the event at 11 pm, because we were very tired and we did not sleep during our trip. Video cameraman filmed lecture (more than an hour), but he refused to give it without payment for his services.


intro com Nestor 21 03 16


intro com Ana Arcila 18 03 16


MMM Brasil em GV maio 05 03 16


MMM Brasil em GV 01 03 16


Comunidade Mundial do Sucesso 28 02 16


Apresentação Offline MMM Brazil 27 02 16 Santo André SP


Apresentação MMM BRAZIL 2 22 02 16


Guía Rafael explicando como funciona MMM Brasil 18 02 16


Guia Marcos explicando as coisas sobre a Comunidade MMM BRASIL 15 02 16


O guia da Comunidade Rafael apresenta o sistema MMM BRASIL 12 02 16


A nossa guia Alessandra apresentando MMM BRASIL 09 02 16